VIBROFILTR PRO-3mm is an innovative material of the National Technologies NGO Company. It has vibration absorption, waterproofing properties, and a high level of acoustic protection. The results are constantly confirmed by EMMA (EUROPEAN MOBILE MEDIA ASSOCIATION).

The multilayer material is reinforced with a modified, specifically viscous aluminum foil; protection is provided by the inner, reinforced layer. Insulation is fixed by a layer of synthetic sealant with increased adhesion.

High level of MLC – 0.50 c.u., thanks to which it can be used to protect structures with high levels of vibration and noise. Including in the loaded areas inside the cars to achieve complete acoustic insulation.

Main characteristics:

  • Base: butyl rubber composition, aluminum foil
  • Thickness, mm: 3.0 ± 0.1mm
  • Sheet size, m: 0.7 x 0.5 (0.35 m²)
  • Weight of 1 m², kg: not less than 4.5
  • Foil thickness, mN: 100
  • Mechanical loss coefficient at 200 Hz, standard units: 0.50
  • The bond strength of material with metal surface while peeling N/cm²: not less than 6
  • The stability of the adhesive polymer layer to the effect of temperature 90º C during the period of 24 hours: Peeling is not allowed
  • The bond strength of siliconized paper with the adhesive polymer layer N/cm²: 0.05-0.15
  • Flammability (rate of combustion, mm / min, not more): Non-flammable, self-extinguishing (100), not combustible