The “Vibrofiltr” multilayer, fail-safe and durable material, developed by the “National Technologies” NGO, currently has no analogs in the market in terms of price-quality ratio. So far, none of the competitors has managed to recreate the innovative technologies of our NGO.

The main task of vibration-isolating material is maximized internal friction with a minimized thickness

The main characteristic is the mechanical loss coefficient (MLC).

An acoustic or vibrating wave simply damps and “sinks” when stumbled upon an obstacle formed by an insulating layer of materials of the “Vibrofiltr” trademark. As a result, the noise and vibration level is sharply reduced inside an isolated volume.

At the same time, the vibration amplitude of the metal sheets pasted over with an insulating layer is decreased. The material has waterproofing properties that prevent corrosion. There is no rust on the treated spots unless improper adhesion.

Any driver who spends a lot of time knows why this is so important:

  • The increased noise level causes fatigue, reduces the reaction rate and leads to the effect of “unnoticed light or sound signal”;
  • Vibration leads to a lulling effect. Outwardly inconspicuous, it is able to “lull” the driver even on a relatively flat road;
  • When listening to music or radio broadcasts, the driver makes the sound louder to drown out traffic noise, which adversely affects hearing;
  • The vibration from the metal planes of the car impairs fine motor skills because the hands are always on the steering wheel.

Vibrofiltr resolves these problems. With its comprehensive use, it is able no only to maintain silence in the interior, but also completely eliminate harmful vibrations.

In the comparable developments, the MLC of innovative materials of the National Technologies NGO exceeds the value of 0.25 conventional units. This is complete absorption of a quarter of vibration and acoustic loads.

How it works?

Almost the same as a shock absorber in a wheel stand, damping impacts caused by obstacles. The eco-friendly butyl rubber composition is a foam layer, fixed with polymer and silicate additives. Internal reinforcement with special fillers provides increased elastic properties of the layer, which is securely fixed to the outer base of aluminum foil.

A thin film of modified and highly viscous aluminum alloy is the final, fixing layer of the material. It prevents physical changes, protecting the insulating composition from the effects of adverse factors (water, aggressive agents, detergents, gasoline, oils).

The material specially developed by the National Technologies NGO will absorb up to 45-55% of vibration effects and up to 64% of noise. The material is durable, retains its protective properties for 10 years, and is used for sound and vibration protection of any class cars, including premium.


The VIBROFILTR PRO-2mm is a multilayer insulating material produced by the technology of the National Technologies NGO using the equipment of the German Baumüller Company. The basis is a modified aluminum foil with enhanced viscous properties. The insulator is a butyl rubber layer reinforced with fillers. Fixation is provided by a self-adhesive polymer layer (synthetic sealant).

MLC 0,38 c.u.