The VIBROFILTR GREY WAVE-15mm isa material with additional properties of damping the sounds of contacting interior parts and protection of sealing joints. It’s used for the acoustic preparation of cars because of its excellent soundproofing characteristics.

The characteristic wave surface of the material provides not only sound insulation, but also the correct design of the acoustic background inside the car. Foamed filler simultaneously performs the function of thermal insulation, and generally favorably affects the microclimate in the car.

The material is self-adhesive, plastic, which allows you to process even hard to reach spots.

Application area:

  • door cards
  • ceiling
  • wheel arches
  • engine bulkhead
  • plastic internal parts


  • Pyramid-shaped pattern
  • Material thickness – 15 mm
  • Sound absorption level – 80%
  • Temperature range of working capacity: – 40 + 90C
  • Not flammable
  • Does not emit odor nor stain adjacent surfaces