Unpleasant squeaks and friction of interior parts in the car can disturb any person. To correct these defects, the National Technologies NGO has developed innovative materials that prevent ambient noise.


«Vibrofiltr» is an effective way to eliminate squeaking

The materials are designed to effectively eliminate friction between hard and soft parts. They eliminate gaps that may create unpleasant noise. Eco-friendliness of these materials allows to be used inside the car.

The innovative gasket and sealing materials of our NGO are relatively thin but with durable layers. They provide an even distribution of loads between parts of different stiffness, thus preventing any noise. The car enthusiasts use the word “anti-squeak” to name this class of materials.


The concept is in a high-tech layer, which relieves mutual stress while preventing the displacement of the rubbing elements. The installation of the cushioning material is completely invisible, due to its plasticity it allows to eliminate up to 10 mm gaps.

The service life without losing the ability to insulate creaks and displace interior parts is at least ten years.

Features of Vibrofiltr anti-squeak materials

Using acoustic and vibration isolation to prevent external influences has good protection from ambient sounds. Bitoplast and Malifis (Madelin) materials will help to make the interior really quiet. They dampen internal noises that are especially characteristic of middle-class cars.


This category of Vibrofiltr materials has no restrictions for use inside the car in Russian climatic conditions. The annual EMMA GLOBAL certification (EUROPEAN MOBILE MEDIA ASSOCIATION) is sufficient to guarantee the elimination of internal noise.


All materials of the “National Technologies” NGO are equipped with strict installation requirements, but at the same time, you can set them on your own. It’s not necessary to seek help at service centers to completely eliminate noise inside the car.


We develop innovative materials that have no analogs and do not require special knowledge and tools to make the car’s interior more quiet and comfortable. And we guarantee the best price-quality ratio, which has no analogs in the Russian market.



VIBROFILTR BITOPLAST-5 mm is a particularly viscous innovative material with enhanced sound insulation properties. Foamed reinforced polyurethane and bitumen impregnation perfectly dampen all sounds in the frequency range of medium intensity. The material is self-adhesive, sealing, which allows you to insulate hard to reach spots.